Hand Turned Maple Bowl by Doug Andrus
Hand Turned Maple Bowl by Doug Andrus

Hand Turned Maple Bowl by Doug Andrus

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Doug Andrus has been working with wood most of his adult life.  He has come to appreciate the strength, variety, and versatility of wood.  After moving to Cook County, he started turning bowls on a lathe.  He was inspired and intrigued by how each bowl turned out so unique and different than what he had imagined.  Whether working with birch, black ash or sugar maple, each wood has it's own grain structure and colors from absorbed minerals.  He's always excited to see the beauty of the wood be revealed as it turns into a bowl.  It is his hope that he can share this beauty with anyone who appreciates it whether they used the bowl to display a collection of rocks gathered on a North shore beach, use it to share candies or nuts etc. with family and friends or just to enjoy and be inspired by the natural beauty and feel of wood that grows in this wild and beautiful place.

This one-of-a-kind maple bowl is measured as 4.75 inches in diameter.  It is sealed with a non-toxic finish of walnut oil and bee's wax.