The Little Book of Mom
The Little Book of Mom

The Little Book of Mom

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Give Mom the gift of love, with this charmingly illustrated collection of quotes. It's perfect for Mother’s Day.


“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” —Jewish proverb.
In our mothers’ arms we find comfort, a place to tell secrets, and a source of strength and security. Tell mom how much she means to you with this small and delightful volume. Adorned with lovely drawings throughout, it offers wise words from Proust, Louisa May Alcott, Oscar Wilde, Erma Bombeck, Oriana Falacci, Stevie Wonder, and many others.

Grade Level: 2-3

Age: 7-8 years old

About the author

Alain Cancilleri graduated from the Venturi Art Institute in Modena and attended the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at the University of Parma, majoring in Art History. Cancilleri has taken several illustration courses, especially at the International School of Illustration in Sàrmede, held by Jozef Wilkon, Linda Wolfsgruber, and Anna Castagnoli. He worked as a graphic designer in Tuscany for several years and now lives in Faenza.

Emma Altomare graduated in Communication Studies from the University La Sapienza in Rome and attended a postgraduate Master’s program in publishing that led her to the Italian publishing scene. She has worked with various publishers, including White Star.