Our Team

Each day, Joy & Company's team helps people experience joy — and we have a ton of fun while we're doing it! We hope you get the chance to drop by our big store and say "hi" sometime... and if you're unable to visit, we'd still love to introduce you to our team who strive to make your shopping experience a joy-filled one.

Jill Terrill | Joy & Co. | Crafts, Gifts & Art Supplies | Grand Marais, MN
Jill Terrill

Chief Creativity Evangelist/ Owner of Joy & Co.

Our somewhat fearless leader, Jill Terrill, has been a maker as long as she can remember. Her Grandma Ella taught her to see beauty in the little things and she hasn’t stopped looking and seeing it yet. Her mom, Cara, lead the way as a woman entrepreneur. Jill figured out a way to mesh the two into Joy & Co. She works hard each day to give people tools and permission to follow their creative journey. There is a “Maker” in each of us “and we all have things to say."

Halle Bockovich

Operations Ninja & POS Whisperer - She also knows where everything is!

Halle was born and raised in Hovland, MN just northeast of Grand Marais. She is a creative, accomplished maker and is known in the area for the toys, gifts and Halloween costumes she creates seemingly from thin air.  This retail overlord has only been at Joy & Company since 2019, but is the key to your happy experience once you go though the small door into the big store. The youngest of our crew, Halle keeps the inventory flowing and the merchandise looking great! We love having her on our staff and look forward to seeing her grow!

 Rachel Rae Klesser 

General Manager and COO

Interwebs Mechanic, Digital Overlord & Chief Soap Maker, Painter of dark stuff, Graphic Design, Retail Floor Mess Maker & Community Outreach 

Rachel Rae, often found in the inner sanctum (AKA: hiding in the back room). Rae presides over the web and store management, is a queen of customer service and is a painter of nature ( her work is on display all over the store). Rae is a full-time dog mom and artist, and she has been part of Joy since 2016. She first started coming to Joy & Co. as a helper for her mom who sells consignment and then as an artist selling her own work. Her realms include the IT department developing the website, marketing and doing the graphic design as well as staff direction and artist coordinator. Recently she has taken over the role of general store manager and COO. Rae and Jill also run their side hussle "Boreal Soap Company" together, where Rae makes the soap in her 'spare" time. Rae is our resident expert in art materials and is on hand for questions in general about art and art technique.

Allison Meredith Healy

Canvas Coordinator & Wooden Weapons Expert

Allison Meredith Healy is an illustrator, designer, and woodworker from the Northwoods of Minnesota. Her craft education began very early, surrounded by professional carpenters and interior designers, as well as the local student run business Clay Works.
 Here at Joy & Company, Allison can often be found in her office- the "Art Counter" in the center of the store. She is there for demos, sign making, unpacking of new and super awesome products and to give you good advice about art and art supplies. 

                                            Lyssa Ibarra

Lyssa is our newest full time sales person, she brings a wide open view to learning and is an artist who love characters either 2d or 3d her creations are lovely. Lyssa is also knowledgeable in rocks and minerals but is open to learning from you , our customer, come chat with Lyssa and live in wonder about what you both will come away with! 



        All dogs are welcome at Joy & Company more than a few work here too.