Our Story

Inside Joy And Company's Store In Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Create. Connect. Collaborate.

Discover the eclectic mix of locally-made products, art supplies and antiques inside the historic Lind Chevrolet building circa 1920  — back when the streets were mud and tweets were reserved for the birds.

We got our start in 2008, when Minnesota native and quilter Jill Terrill took the entrepreneurial plunge. Noticing the lack of clothes shopping available in our small town, our owner began shopping sales in Duluth and reselling clothes from downtown Grand Marais.

Determined to further strengthen our community, she invited locals to sell crafts, antiques, art, jewelry and gifts from her store. Jill also made it her mission to support the business growth of our vendors, guiding them on how to successfully make and sell their products.

We believe everyone is a maker and has things to say, things to create and things to learn. We're here to share the journey with our makers, whether they're novices or professionals. 

Card Selection At Joy and Company In Grand Marais, Minnesota

Unleashing Joy Wherever Possible

We work hard to bring joy to everyone who comes through out door, and we believe wholeheartedly in the value of our tag line: Create. Connect. Collaborate.

Joy & Co. strives to honor the lives of friends who lived life extraordinarily well; Edie, Gerhardt and Hanna died in a car accident in 1985. They lived lives full of purpose and service and were taken far too soon. Edie’s last journal entry talked about “Joy is a decision.” Our owner adopted that as a life motto. It has led to this growing community of creatives.