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Cold Process Bar Soap by Boreal Soap Company MADE in Grand Marais, MN

APX 4oz.  colors & designs may very slightly - soap is created 10 bars at a time and each batch is unique.


When not is use, allow your soaps to breathe - dry soaps last months but leave it sitting in water and you will wonder where it went...  when not in use keep them dry.
Gentle enough for baby and doggos, Is it good for your hair? Good for mine but individual results will vary. Soft and Hard waters change results as with all soaps.


Each soap is made with the least number of ingredients possible; Oils of Olive, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil along with fragrance and natural colorants.  Gluten free DO NOT EAT - AVOID EYES , but not Nut Free (sorry)
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